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Life More Abundant!

Hey you!

I was recently reading and was stopped in my tracks yet again by the bible verse “I come to give you life more abundant”. I think everyone wants an abundant life. The dominant culture really tries hard to convince us that the way to an abundant life is a bigger bank account, even though research has clearly proven that acquiring more stuff just doesn’t work. Nevertheless, a lot of us are still chasing that carrot.

I think an abundant life is about how we live life. The abundant life is a juicy one. One where we strive to fill every moment of our lives with more joy, fascination, passion, and presence. None of these states have anything to do with acquiring more money and buying more things.

When we find ourselves feeling depleted (the opposite of abundant) like when you’re stuck in a dead end job, it’s really hard to feel like you’re living an abundant life, let alone figure out what the next right step to your dream job should be. However, if you start noting then doing the things that fill you with more joy, fascination, passion and presence you will begin to feel more abundant and from that beautiful state you will be riding the frequency that you need to get a breakthrough. This abundant rather than depleted state will propel you to the next right step. So, let me know, how are you going to create a more abundant 2019? Let’s chat about it in the comments below If this is an area where you think you need some support, don’t go it alone, sign up for a free coaching session now.

All the very best,


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