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Let us show you how our coaching approach to management can improve the communication and influence of your first-time managers, so they can easily navigate the most challenging parts of people management- conflict and difficult conversations.


Change Begins with a Conversation

Frequently Requested Speeches


The Coaching Advantage

Elevating Your People Management Skills

The ability to take a coaching approach to people management is a skill and an art. In this class, I unpack how a coaching approach is different from mentoring and traditional management or consulting. I also cover the vast benefits of taking a coaching approach to people management. I  teach relevant coaching techniques including appreciative inquiry, that are applicable for great people management. I also offer strategies to help you get in the right 'head' and 'heart' space to have conversations with the level of neutrality and curiosity that are essential for coaching and required for these conversations to be constructive leaving your direct reports empowered to solve their own problems. This knowledge is then cemented through role-play practice with realistic scenarios and lots of feedback.


Top Takeaways

  • You'll learn when to have coaching conversations with direct reports and teams

  • You'll learn powerful coaching questions that you can use immediately

  • You'll learn how to get in the right 'head' and 'heart' space for coaching


The Inclusion Imperative

Leading with bias awareness and coaching

When ‘rock-star’ bias goes unchecked, we unintentionally waste the diverse intelligence of employees, particularly underrepresented populations. In this highly interactive session, you will learn the key steps of a systemic approach to interrupting 'rock-star' bias in your company. In this session you will learn:

  • How you can take intentional steps to leverage diverse leadership strengths of direct reports

  • How to begin to integrate more of a coaching approach rather than a traditional approach to management

  • How to be a bias interrupter and actively contribute to creating cultures of profound inclusiveness at work

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Leadership in the Upside Down

Leadership excellence in times of transition

Is your company going through a major transition? Perhaps there are layoffs, a departing CEO, or a company merger... and everybody is freaking out! In this uplifting Elective, I unpack dynamics at play during periods of rapid organizational change that will help to normalize your experience and give you common language to name what is happening. I then offer tangible evidence-based strategies I've learned as a leadership development coach to help all staff, from individual contributors to senior leaders, to navigate this kind of change with a greater sense of grace and ease. In addition, I will review how all staff can create new habits to better prepare for when "VUCA" change naturally ends.


Top Takeaways

  • Reframe change in a positive way

  • Reduce anxiety through change

  • Understand the role of "lighthouse leadership" during rapid change

While TRC’s flagship Leadership Accelerator program is a 90-day multifaceted engagement consisting of assessment, coaching, a learning collaborative (including training), consulting, and evaluation, we also offer the following services a-la carte.


Tajan is a futuristic thought- leader with a story telling approach grounded in her coaching experience in diverse companies. All keynotes or other presentations are customized to ensure the content Tajan presents is directly relevant to your audience.

Corporate Training

Corporate trainings are crafted to suit your needs and the goals you have in mind. We can easily adapt our trainings into half-day, full day or a multi-day training series. Attendees will walk away with actionable strategies and useful job aids to cement the knowledge and skills gained. Additional a la carte training.


If you’re looking to renovate your company culture so that it supports the wellbeing and highest functioning of your staff. We can help you craft innovative learning/development strategies, procedures and interventions that will address seemingly intractable issues that show up.

Blue Skies

Hear Tajan Speak

Morgan Brinson, Rice University

This Leadership Level workshop with Tajan was amazing! Not only did I understand who is mainly impacted by impostor phenomenon, how this impacts individuals, and how common it is amongst most people, but I also learned concrete steps to growing as an individual. I honestly feel ready and excited to capture my negative thoughts to make me stronger and allow the growth I am capable of!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost to work with you?
    Pricing varies depending on your needs. Half-day workshops start at $3,000. Our 90-day multi-modality signature program begins at $25,000​

  2. How do you prefer to work?
    In person or virtual events  or a mix of both are totally fine.

  3. Can we tape and replay the presentations and workshops?
    Our team can handle that for you. We can also license the content from our program if you'd like to train other divisions or offices in your company.​

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