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Leadership Level-Up Accelerator: Win with a coaching approach to management

Let us show you how our coaching approach to management can improve the communication and influence of your first-time managers, so they can easily navigate the most challenging parts of people management- conflict and difficult conversations.



Your greatest asset is your people, investing in them will always impact your bottom line.

After 10+ years of successfully coaching and training first-time managers, many of whom have not had formal training around how to integrate a coaching approach to management, it’s been fulfilling to witness their personal and professional growth as well as the impact of their evolution on their teams. I’ve helped hundreds of first-time managers master people management by following a proven system, including managers from diverse industries at companies such as Netflix, Dropbox, Atlassian,  Twitter, Zen Desk,  BMW, Shopify, Lyft and others.


What is the Leadership Level Up Accelerator?

The Leadership Level Up Accelerator is a  3-month online interactive group learning collaborative training program that teaches first-time managers who want to improve people management skills how to enhance their leadership mindset, and master communication and delegation skills. The program also addresses systemic/cultural issues that perpetuate chronic issues for first-time managers such as over-work and overwhelm. 

Whether you’re an individual contributor now turned first-time manager, or a seasoned manager that now has been promoted into higher levels of management, The Leadership Level-Up Accelerator will challenge you to execute at your highest level. It’s designed to help you handle the toughest parts of people management like navigating conflict and tough conversations with ease.

Tajan's style is positive and strategic. She helped me realize that I do a lot of fortune telling and guessing about the future versus sticking to the factual information. She worked with me on self compassion, removing self judgment and comparison. Working on those skills has helped me as a leader.

I believe that seeking help from a real coach in a coaching program is really an important characteristic of a strong leader.

I don’t need to feel stuck, I can plan what I want to do next and work hard to accomplish it.


C. Williamson, Associate Director, The Real Real



The Core Learning


The Leadership Level-Up Accelerator is a 90-day program that is designed to address the unique leadership development needs of your leaders. Based on a learning collaborative model It includes: bi-weekly group learning sessions, followed by action periods where Managers will take action and then come back to the learning collaborative to troubleshoot issues with implementation, and two 1:1 coaching integration sessions with Leadership development coaches. It also includes a digital companion guide for each session and several tools and handouts.


Leadership Assessment

  • The Tajan Renderos Coaching team (TRC) conducts a 360 review and Strengths Finder Assessment coupled with a coaching call with first-time managers to determine their most important leadership and management needs, before the group portion of the Leadership Accelerator program begins


Handle tough conversations with ease!

The ability to take a coaching approach to difficult conversations is a skill and an art.

  • Learn how to get in the right ‘head’ and ‘heart’ space to have tough conversations with the level of neutrality and curiosity required for these conversations to be constructive, using our checklist.

  • Learn how to take a coaching approach to people management, leveraging coaching techniques for check-ins and feedback conversations.This knowledge is then cemented through realistic scenarios and lots of feedback through role-play practice.

  • Get conversation guides that include useful prompts for tough conversations

  • Leverage our job aid for effective check-ins for direct reports.


Hone Your Leadership Mindset and Presence!

  • Learn​ how to address impostor feelings and perfectionistic tendencies that get in the way of your ability to lead well

  • Learn how to challenge automatic negative thinking using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques

  • Discover your strengths as a leader and implement the “Name, claim, and aim” method to lead from your strengths unapologetically

  • Learn how to play to your teams’ strengths to create a more inclusive culture


Eliminate Stress with Skillful Delegation

  • Change the text and make it your own. Click here to begin

  • Discover whether ineffective delegation has created stress and overwhelm for you.

  • Address perfectionistic tendencies that get in the way of delegation

  • Learn an effective step by step process for delegation that sets direct reports up for success (job aid included)

How we demonstrate the impact? 

Our program evaluation includes an assessment of mindset shifts and behavior change based on key leadership competencies first-time managers need to change stemming from the 360 review. At the end of the program, we create a detailed program evaluation report and conduct a debriefing consulting session with HR leaders that allows you to see the impact of the program on your first-time managers, including recommended systemic changes that will help your managers be successful.

How we help you sustain success?

Change is only good if it can be sustained. The TRC team can continue to provide ongoing coaching, consultation and technical assistance once the program has ended. Our most successful clients leverage this phase for strategy sessions around integrating systemic changes (policies, procedures, norms etc) that are needed to help managers be successful. Furthermore, our programs can be licensed for internal use.


Bonuses included with the Leadership Accelerator Program

Free copy of “The proven people management success system every struggling first-time manager needs to know” ebook

Blue Skies

Enrollment opens soon! Don't miss out.


J Anderson, Data Specialist

Tajan's coaching style is engaging and impactful. I struggle with some limiting beliefs and tend to procrastinate. Working with Tajan, I learned so much. I learned that imposter syndrome is not uncommon and how to combat it. She also held me accountable for next steps to get me closer to my goals.

Tajan pic.jpg

Meet Tajan B. Renderos

The Leadership Accelerator is led by Tajan. She is a Leadership Development & Executive Coach (ACC) with over a decade of management and training experience in start-up, tech, and government agencies. Tajan has successfully coached and trained first time managers, middle managers, and senior executives, many of whom have not had formal training around how to develop a coaching approach to management. Tajan's clients work at companies such as Netflix, Dropbox, Atlassian,  Twitter, Zen Desk,  BMW, Shopify, Lyft and others.


Tajan understands what is required to deliver high quality training and technical assistance at scale. She has 15 years of experience managing and evaluating the impact of national training and technical assistance centers such as the Reproductive Health National Training Center and others  in her career.


As an employer who cares about your people, the communication issues stifling progress of your teams aren’t intractable and can be addressed with relatively minimal intervention. This investment in your leaders right now can result in unlocking massive improvement in their work performance and consequently team performance, and with stronger leadership ultimately your bottom line.Companies that invest in leadership development deliver stock market returns five times higher than companies that don't according to studies by Harvard Business Review and McBassi & Co.


Click here to learn more about my coaching, training, and evaluation background and qualifications in my resume.




Yes. The Leadership Accelerator program comes with an 100% Action Taker's Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t love the program, email us before the refund deadline submit your homework and let us know. We’ll refund you, in full, no questions asked.

Do you have a refund policy?

Does The Leadership Accelerator program work for first-time managers in all industries?

Absolutely yes, whether your researcher turned first-time manager in a pharmaceutical company or a first-time manager in insurance the program will teach skills that are relevant and universal.

The next Leadership Accelerator program enrollment period will be announced soon. Get on the waitlist below to know when doors open!

When does the next Leadership Accelerator program start?

Pricing varies depending on your needs. Half-day workshops start at $3,000. Our 90-day multi-modality signature program begins at $25,000​. 

How much does the Leadership Accelerator program cost

Blue Skies

Enrollment opens soon! Don't miss out.

How much does the Leadership Accelerator program cost? Are there payment plans?

The investment for the Leadership Accelerator program is $2,250 USD. We also offer a payment plan (12 monthly payments of $190 USD). In addition, we offer a 50% off discount for each additional leader from your company that joins the program.

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