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April 7, 2021How to turn off your "work voice" in pandemic times...

Hey there,

The lines between work life and home life have never been more blurry. Are you finding that your “work voice” is following you into your family time after work. Lots of my coaching clients have been experiencing this in a really intense way. The truth is for many of us even though we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, a lot of our job and home expectations have not reduced. In general, work productivity hasn’t dropped, but in the absence of typical childcare and school, many working moms have been holding down full-time jobs while serving as a Zoom tech assistant and the lunch lady among many other things EVERY DAY FOR OVER A YEAR. So it’s no surprise that a lot of my clients have been saying to me “Tajan, I just can’t turn off my work voice. HELP!”

I hear you, and I get it, really. I created a practical guide “4 Strategies to prevent work from following you home” that offers accessible strategies you can implement right away to break this pattern. After you’ve read it, please let me know in the comments which strategy you’re most eager to employ.

Finally, if your colleagues at work could benefit from a free lunch and learn presentation around any of the following super relevant topics, let me know in the comments or click here so we can have a brief chat to figure out how I can bring this offering to support your people in these tough times.

  1. Thrive in your professional calling! : How to pivot and transition with ease.

  2. Overcoming Impostor Syndrome at Work.

  3. Recover from burnout: Addressing perfectionism resulting in overwhelm.

In the meantime, take wonderful care of yourselves!


Download PDF • 186KB

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