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Why traditional career assessments aren't enough and how coaching can help

Hi there,

There is so much confusion out there about what coaching is, what it isn't. In my recent awesome interview with Lou Blaser on the Second Breaks podcast we talk about what coaching is, how it is different from therapy, and how to know when you're ready for coaching. I also talk about why traditional career assessments just aren't enough for you to figure out your calling and why you actually have to get out of your daily grind to get the clarity you need to discover and pursue your calling. For more information and support with making your next bold career move, get registered for my "Ignite Your Passion: Live Your Calling" free webinar... while there's still space.

Here's a breakdown of the topics we discussed on the podcast: TOPICS DISCUSSED IN EPISODE 29

  • What is coaching and how is it different from talk therapy

  • Why and when you might need a coach

  • How to find out if you’re ready for coaching

  • How much time you should invest in a coaching relationship

  • What’s missing from traditional career assessments

  • Tajan’s recommended 3 steps for figuring out your calling

  • Why removing ourselves from the daily grind is an important step in a transformational process

“The coach is a catalyst to a process that may happen on its own, but you may spin your wheels in mud for years. You may work with a coach for a few months and take quantum leaps. A coach is the fire under the pot that is speeding up a process that naturally wants to happen anyway. —Tajan Renderos

Best, Tajan

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