Are you feeling stuck in a dead-end job? You long to do meaningful work, but getting there seems impossible...


  • Have you always hated your job, but the benefits and security are just too good to give up?
  • Are you bored or undervalued at work and you know that there is a greater mission or calling on your life, but you're afraid to jump out into the unknown?
  • You know you can't grow anymore in your current position, you want something more, and you just don't where or how to get started?

You may have settled for mediocrity because of fear of the unknown or limiting beliefs or perhaps you haven't been using the right strategy. 

You can find or create a job that is in alignment with your ideal lifestyle, mission in life, where you feel valued and challenged. You can have a smile on your face on Monday morning when you go to work. This coaching program will help you get clarity on what your professional calling is, make the mindset shifts that are necessary to allow you to move forward, and create and implement an action plan so you can achieve your goals.

The 3 month group coaching program also offers:

  • 10 bi-weekly 60 minute group coaching calls where you'll get clarity on what your professional calling is, address any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, create a roadmap to get you there with the support you need to implement your action plan, including addressing emerging challenges and navigating mid-course corrections.

  • Thrive in Your Calling! workbook that includes tools such as the Ideal career vision narrative, Limiting beliefs assessment, Action plan worksheet, and a robust Resource list plus suggested practices, assignments, and exercises to address the challenges you'll face along the way

  • VIA Character Strengths test and interpretation from Tajan to help you get clear on your signature and underused strengths, and the  iStrong report including an interpretation of findings from Tajan to help you identify your interests and how they relate to various occupations and careers

  • Access to our "Thrive in Your Calling!" Facebook support group where you can ask questions, get feedback and receive support from group members and me!

  • Unlimited e-mail communication and two one on one coaching calls with Tajan

  • Weekly accountability form to report on your progress and streamline the coaching process

  • optional MP3 recording of  every session

  • BONUS: Stephen Pressfield's The War of Art

  • The investment for the group coaching program is $670 paid in full. If you act now, you’ll get a scholarship bringing the investment down to $600 paid in full. For your convenience, I also have a 3-pay plan available for $223/month.

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