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The Top 5 Limiting Beliefs that keep world changers stuck, stressed and swamped in their soul-sucking job (and how to overcome them)

Here’s the truth, many of you know what your professional calling is, and you definitely know that the job you’re in now is NOT it by any means, yet you stay right where you are. There are 5 common limiting beliefs that I have found keep world changers stuck at soul-sucking jobs that totally stress them out. Do any of these limiting beliefs listed below characterize you? If they do not to worry, I’ll get into what you can do to overcome them


1. “I can’t afford to get the kind of job I really love. I can’t get paid less than I do now”

Who says you’ll get paid less? You’re playing out the absolute worst-case scenario. You can overcome this belief by countering it with the best-case scenario. It is possible for you to make more money than you do right now.

2. “I’m too old/ too young/ too introverted/ not white etc. to switch jobs/careers right now”

This limiting belief is one that is common to all human beings and that is the belief that “I am not enough”. This fear is paralyzing and devastating at the same time. Reminding yourself of role models who’ve trail blazed in the space you’re interested in entering can be helpful, as well as affirming that you might actually be a pioneer in this space which is totally awesome..

3. “I don’t know what to do to make that leap” [so I’ll just do nothing]

The simple way to overcome this is to take massive action over and over again.If you don’t know what to do, get help from a life coach or helping professional who can co-create a plan to help you make that leap.

4. “Nothing’s perfect in life, my personal life is great so it’s totally fine for my professional life to suck. We all have to suck lemons somewhere.”

Our tolerance for suffering nowadays is way too high. We do have the potential in life to be joyful in every aspect of our lives including our professional lives. You never have to settle for mediocrity.

5. "What if I fail at it”

Trial and error is a crucial component of any self-discovery process. This is totally normal and will not compromise your dignity and integrity. You will fail forward, and learn more from your failures than your successes.

I’d love to know which of these limiting beliefs characterizes how you feel, leave me a comment below and be sure to subscribe so you can get some exclusive content and  giveaways that I only share with subscribers. In the meantime, take good care.


[VIDEO] Why optimism makes things worse when going after your goals and how to be hopeful instead...

In this vlog, I discuss why being optimistic or positive about a particular outcome from your efforts makes it really hard to achieve your goals for a new fulfilling job or career with a sense of ease. I also break down how being hopeful rather than optimistic can change the game for you completely. It's a difference in orientation that can have a profound impact on everything.

Once you've had a chance to watch the vlog, I'd love to know. How does being hopeful rather than optimistic change how you approach any long-term goal? If you're struggling with being hopeful while going after your dreams, let's talk. Click here to set up a complimentary coaching session with me and let's work through it together.
Remember, insight without action is worthless — so leave me a comment at tajanrenderos.com and let me know what your answer is to that question.

In the meantime,  take good care.


[VIDEO] The #1 Key to Stop Procrastinating and pursue your life's calling

In this vlog, I discuss the #1 key breakthrough you need to stop procrastinating and finally pursue your life's purpose. Once you get really clear on this key element, everything will start shifting for you when it comes to realizing your purpose/calling. 

Let me know your answer to the question I posed by leaving me a comment below. I'd love to heard about what you plan on working on.

For more information and support to go after your professional calling with the vigor it deserves, sign up for a free complimentary coaching session here at www.tajanrenderos.com/contact

[VIDEO] How to move CONFIDENTLY in the direction of your calling

Here's a really helpful Facebook Live video I created outlining how you can move confidently in the direction of your professional calling. This is really useful if you're feeling like you've lost your sense of direction, clarity and perspective around what your next career move should be.

If you're interested in doing some focused work around a career transition you're in the midst of, I encourage you to sign up for a complimentary coaching session here to start your journey to reconnecting with your True North.

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Stages of relationship growth infographic

Here's an infographic I developed that illustrates 5 stages that many couples go through as they move through deep transformation in their relationships. The topic of healthy relationships is so important for everyone. If this resonates with you, I encourage you to share it with others.

Also, if you need some support to grow in your relationship let's talk, sign up for a free strategy session here, and don't forget to leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


5 stages of relationship growth

Recently, I was privileged to be a part of a pre-Valentine's Day event for ABCD Health Service's  Sister 2 Sister HIV prevention program. The community event brought together young women and men in a safe environment where they could engage in meaningful discussion around how they could work towards taking their relationships with themselves and their partners to the next level in a healthy way.

In the video excerpt from the event below, I talk about 5 stages that many couples go through as they move through deep transformation in their relationships. The topic of healthy relationships is so important for everyone and especially for those of us who directly serve young women and men. If this video resonates with you, I encourage you to share it with others.

Also, if you need some support to take your intimate relationship to the next level let's chat, sign up for a free strategy session here.  Let me know what you think about the vlog, leave me a comment below. 

Spiritual atrophy in college

Most colleges and universities pride themselves on graduating students who go on to be the great thought leaders and creatives of our time. My alma mater- Wesleyan University is no different and definitely celebrates being the container that gave rise to one of our most creative luminaries- Lin Manuel Miranda of ‘Hamilton’ fame. Wesleyan recently put on a fundraising campaign that raised $482 million. The campaign slogan- "This is Why” emphasized why alumni should donate stating:

"BECAUSE the freedom—the challenge—to make our own paths would be overwhelming to some. But not us. Not fifty years ago. Not a century ago. Not today." 

When I read that part of the slogan, it begged the question, what does it take for us to exercise the freedom and take on the challenge of making our own paths at Wesleyan or anywhere? Social scientists like Brene Brown have spent a lifetime doing research to answer that question. In one of her book’s “The Gifts of Imperfection” she notes that the interesting thing about creativity and meaningful work is that in order for that to unfold, it requires profound personal development work.  She notes that this personal development work should involve being intentional about building a practice that helps you listen to your intuition, follow your passions, and learn to dance with your fears. Ultimately, your personal development is the key that will unlock your highest creative expression and your most innovative and relevant ideas that are needed to shatter the status quo.

Now, the very incubators that are supposed to foster our most creative expression like college can be the very containers that normalize personal and spiritual atrophy, rather than promote the personal and spiritual development that we know facilitates our ability to be creative and identify our unique meaningful work. According to a recent study from Alyssa Bryant into the religious and spiritual practices of first year college students, she found that most college students become less religiously active in their first year of college. The dominant college culture promotes the notion that college is a time for academic achievement and arrested development on the personal and spiritual levels. Imbalance in this regard is normalized, even celebrated as a badge of honor, so totally getting wasted on Friday night gets you a laugh and a high-five from friends rather than a lecture.

The research around the benefits of spiritual practice for college students is clear. Alexander and Helen Astin’s study on the Spiritual Life of College Students indicates that students that score above 50% for spiritual engagement are more likely to feel centered or at peace in challenging times and more likely to report that they are physically healthy, in that they don’t stay up all night or excessively drink in college relative to their peers that aren’t spiritually inclined.

Now, what would it be like if academic achievement and personal development work went hand in hand? In my experience my personal and spiritual development work in college enhanced my ability to academically achieve, and provided a sense of clarity around my professional calling, mission and purpose. 

We are now at an important junction in our culture where personal development work is becoming more mainstream. This means we are strategically poised to address the imbalance between the high focus on academic achievement and lack of attention on personal development for college students. I share the hope of Alexander and Helen Astin, who call for real investment including allocation of resources to bring our attention to the "inner lives of students’ development that is—the sphere of values and beliefs, emotional maturity, spirituality, and self-understanding."

1)    The Journal of College Student Development, Volume 44, pp. 723-74

2)      The Spiritual Life of College Students by Helen and Alexander Astin. Retrieved from http://spirituality.ucla.edu/docs/reports/Spiritual_Life_College_Students_Full_Report.pdf

Sister 2 Sister kick-off event Tue. 9/27 @ 5:30pm

So many young women of color are needing the support, witnessing, and love that can be offered from safe spaces that are created by and for them. The Action for Boston Community Development is hosting a kick-off event for one of their flagship programs. The event will include dinner and amazing expert speakers discussing issues that are relevant to the young women you serve like:

  1. Trauma and Healing
  2. Young Women's Health and Wellness
  3. 5 Essential Pillars for Building the Relationship you REALLY want- featuring Tajan B. Renderos (yours truly)

Several talented young women will be showcasing their work including young women who are writers, artists, make-up artists, and fashion designers. There will be cool concert ticket give-aways, dinner, prizes. and more. Come out and bring some young women that you serve or care about with you!  

RSVP at: https://sister2sisterkickoff.eventbrite.com
Tuesday 9/27/16 5:30-8:30pm; 2300 Washington Street, Boston, MA