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Freedom's ties to job suffering


Freedom for me means the ability to wake up in the morning and freely decide what I'm going to do with my time and who I'm going to be in this world. We spend most of our days at work, and so if I work at a job that I hate, where I'm doing something that I don't want to do and where I can't be my best self, then even though I don't have shackles on my hands and feet how can I say that I'm really free. Many of us experience the progress of being in a job that kind of sucks, really sucks, and then becomes just excruciating to be at...yet we stay and suffer. We choose to suffer. We choose to suffer because we think we're too old to find something better, it's too soon to leave, we need the pay and we can't get that pay anywhere else etc. We make up millions of excuses to justify our choice to suffer.

I believe that our tolerance for suffering in any aspect of our lives in the modern world is way too high

We've bought into the notion that suffering is something we need to grit our teeth and bear. I believe any kind of suffering is an indication that we need to pay attention to our inner landscape and take drastic, consistent action to change our lives so that we can move from a state of suffering to a more beautiful state. Make no mistake job suffering is not without consequence in every aspect of your life. If you want to get support as you take action to end job suffering, sign up for a free coaching strategy session and get started now.




[VIDEO] Why optimism makes things worse when going after your goals and how to be hopeful instead...

In this vlog, I discuss why being optimistic or positive about a particular outcome from your efforts makes it really hard to achieve your goals for a new fulfilling job or career with a sense of ease. I also break down how being hopeful rather than optimistic can change the game for you completely. It's a difference in orientation that can have a profound impact on everything.

Once you've had a chance to watch the vlog, I'd love to know. How does being hopeful rather than optimistic change how you approach any long-term goal? If you're struggling with being hopeful while going after your dreams, let's talk. Click here to set up a complimentary coaching session with me and let's work through it together.
Remember, insight without action is worthless — so leave me a comment at tajanrenderos.com and let me know what your answer is to that question.

In the meantime,  take good care.