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[VIDEO] Why optimism makes things worse when going after your goals and how to be hopeful instead...

In this vlog, I discuss why being optimistic or positive about a particular outcome from your efforts makes it really hard to achieve your goals for a new fulfilling job or career with a sense of ease. I also break down how being hopeful rather than optimistic can change the game for you completely. It's a difference in orientation that can have a profound impact on everything.

Once you've had a chance to watch the vlog, I'd love to know. How does being hopeful rather than optimistic change how you approach any long-term goal? If you're struggling with being hopeful while going after your dreams, let's talk. Click here to set up a complimentary coaching session with me and let's work through it together.
Remember, insight without action is worthless — so leave me a comment at tajanrenderos.com and let me know what your answer is to that question.

In the meantime,  take good care.


Two common fears holding you back from your calling

“The more scared we are about a work or a calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it” -Stephen Pressfield.

It’s our job while we’re here to pay attention and find out what we're curious and passionate about, our calling/callings that is our unique contribution to the betterment of our world.  In this vlog I talk about how you can address two common fears that can get in the way of us moving in that right direction- the fear of not fitting the mold and the fear of failure.

You can feel good to wake up on a Monday morning.  If you need some support to figure out  your next career move that is in alignment with what your currently passionate or curious about. Sign up for a free strategy session here!   Let me know what you think about the vlog, leave me a comment below.


Thriving in your 30's

Your 30's can be a time when you're trying to amass all the trappings of adult success: the car, the home, the good paying job with perks, the new husband, baby and the second baby before it's too late. The combination of acquiring and maintaining all of these things and the social pressure if you haven't quite yet in one decade can be extremely stressful. In this vlog, I offer four practical steps you can take to create a more balanced life in your thirties.

You’re 30’s are a decade where you really hold the reins of your life. You don’t have to take mandatory classes you hate anymore. You get to to selectively invest in what you need so that you can have enough space to allow more joy and meaning in your everyday life. So let’s commit to radical self-care, especially in your thirties. If you need some support to create your radical self-care plan, let's chat, sign up for a free strategy session here  Let me know what you think about the vlog, leave me a comment below.

Why do I need a coach?

As a life coach, I often get asked 'why do I need a coach?!? what are you a shrink?'. In this vlog I demystify what corporate and life coaching is all about, and talk about how having a coach can serve as a catalyst to the transformation you desire personally and professionally.

Let me know what you think about the vlog by leaving a comment. I'd love to hear from you.

Also, go to my contact page to sign up for two free exploratory coaching sessions for yourself or as a gift for someone this season.

Thanks for watching the vlog! Have a restful, rejuvenating holiday season, and all the best for an awesome 2016!