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[VIDEO] Roadmap to discover your professional calling!

Hi there,

The #1 question I get asked from my clients goes something like this "I know I’m at point A Tajan feeling stuck at this job I dread, and I know I want to get to Z doing my meaningful work, tell me what is involved in moving me from A to Z if I work with you". So I’ll answer that question for you in this video, I'll outline the exact A to Z process that I use on my retreats that I'll be teaching at my Ignite Your Passion: Live Your Calling retreat this September in Jamaica.


 Let me know if you have any additional questions around what the roadmap looks like to get to career nirvana in the comments.

Wanting more than a roadmap...take a closer look at my 2018 retreat in Jamaica go to www.liveyourcallingretreat.com and set up a discovery call with me today to explore whether or not this might be a right fit for you.

All the best,