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You Have it All! What More do You Want?

So you’ve vision boarded in your twenties, and you’ve manifested everything you ever wanted. Handsome husband, a home of your own, two children. YOU have it all! Right?? This is what our society would have us believe that these outer trappings of supposed adult success should equal deep fulfillment. The research around this is clear, NONE of this will make you happy or feel any sense of deep fulfillment but for some reason this message hasn’t translated  to us, and many young adult women are still chasing this carrot, and end up feeling confused by our disappointment when we don't get the sense of deep fulfillment we were told we would receive.

If you find yourself in this position, be grateful. Yes! be grateful that you’re at least conscious enough to recognize that in some ways you were exhausted from chasing your own happiness doggy tail. Well, what would make you happy? The answer is I don’t know, but the good news is you do, and now that you’ve stopped chasing that carrot, you can begin the self-inquiry that is absolutely necessary to get answers to that question.

Okay great, so you want to get answers to clear the confusion. The first question is, do you know HOW to mine these answers from yourself. If your answer is “Tajan, I have no clue what steps to take to do this kind of self-inquiry” then your choice is clear, do it in community with a guided process and leader who will create the space for you to get answers to your questions while not giving force to your fears. If you’re great at self-coaching then go ahead and do just that, check yourself into a retreat center, leave your cell phone behind, bring your journal with question prompts and sit on the beach and have a conversation with your inner guide. Now if the thought of that process seems like crazy-making and you feel like you’d be pulling your hair out on the beach with these journal questions, then you know for sure that what you really need is to join a community of women who are exactly where you are, women who know they want something more, but they just can’t put their finger on it and have committed to a guided process to find answers.

I'd love to hear to from you. Let me know what route you prefer self-coaching or guided process and why. If you haven’t already joined the mailing list be sure to do so to make sure that you’re getting exclusive content and giveaways that I only give out to subscribers (sign up form is in the side bar).