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PROFILES of two inspiring career transitions


Hey there!

It can be inspirational just to hear from someone else who has been in your shoes during any major transition. Someone who understands the perfectly logical fears you have, who can truly empathize with where you are, and yet help you summon your own courage to step more fully into who you're becoming.

Today, I'm featuring two daring career transition stories. One of a cop turned mindfulness meditation workshop leader who explains how she dealt with skepticism from others by using her own story, as well as dealing with her own insecurities after transitioning (yes guys your fears with this stuff doesn't magically go away after you transition they tend to morph into new ones). The second is of a woman who became an actress at 45. It's a great reminder of how your childhood passions can provide the gateway to clarity around the direction of your next big career move. Also, her story underscores how the next right action always emerges once you take the first courageous step, and  once people around you see your efforts they always shore up to support you.

If this resonates with you or someone you know who is suffering at their job, I encourage you to share it, or leave a comment, and check out my upcoming retreat in Jamaica at www.liveyourcallingretreat.com. The retreat is designed for people who are drowning in job suffering and are looking for a process and community to help them make a way out.

In the meantime, take good care.