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The source of misery and maintaning joy

We've all either been in or know someone in a space of misery. We're human and that is a part of the deal, but sometimes we linger in this space much longer than we need to, or worse we accept that "this is the norm for my life." I wanted to kick off my thought leader series with ceremony leader and healer Luana Morales. In our conversation, we tease apart what misery really is, what it serves, what we have to do to change that state, and how we can maintain joy despite negative external circumstances.

Luana Morales is an ordained minister, Reiki master teacher, and ceremony leader (www.handsofgaiareiki.com). Luana reminds us that misery and breakdown can help us know that we've gotten off track, and that the breakthroughs we need require that we make an empowered decision. Too many tweetable moments to count, just check it out for yourself. 

And let's take to heart the killer charge Luana gave us at the end!

"You are everything that you need and you have all the capacity to be the creator of the life that you want.... You're that fierce, you're that fly, and powerful. So, do it and claim it, and don't waste it"


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