My journey


By 10 years old, I decided that I would never let anybody tell me what to believe.

The day I made that decision, I became a seeker. I chose to study the Bible for myself.  My journey as a young seeker helped me define my core values which allowed me to create healthy relationships based on shared values.  It helped me embrace forgiveness as the keys to my emotional freedom. I let go of qualities that no longer fit my life, like lying, passive-aggressiveness, and shame. As I shed these qualities, this freed me to tune in and be guided to the next right actions for my life. 

I was drawn to coaching and youth spiritual leadership development as a teen and served as a Counselor in that capacity throughout my teen years and early twenties. Ever since then, I've loved helping young women who wanted to fulfill their deepest heart's desires, learn and apply leadership principles, and overcome fears to be able to pursue their calling(s). After approximating this work, by working as a real estate agent and a Consultant. I decided to take the plunge, and officially pursue formal coaching training and grow my practice.


And so here I am! 

I'm here to help you get out of your dead-end job and get the clarity and confidence you need to take inspired action in a supportive environment so you can finally thrive in your professional calling by providing cutting-edge career coaching, access to experts and resources.

I'd love for you to sign up for a discovery coaching session, if you’re interested in learning more. 

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Tajan is an ICF Associate Certified Coach, trainer, and speaker who transformational retreats and workshops for people who are feeling stuck in a dead-end job so they can get the clarity and confidence they need to reset their career, end job suffering, and finally thrive in their professional calling.

Tajan has over 10 years of experience as a Life and Career Coach and youth leadership development program Evaluator, and holds a Master's in Public Health from Yale University.  She's a featured coaching blogger on Noomii. In her free time, she loves dancing and learning from her 3 year old baby guru with her husband.

I’m here to help you get out of your dead-end job and get the clarity and confidence you need to take inspired action in a supportive environment so you can finally thrive in your professional calling