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Top 3 Career Assessments for your next career move



I must confess that I'm not a big fan of career assessments in general, especially when they are used as the primary source of information to inform and direct your career transition. However, if I had to choose three assessments that can be used in addition to rigorous self-inquiry and coaching to support your career transition the three below are the ones that I would highly recommend and I give you my reasons why.

  1. Strengths Finder This test is build on 40 years of research and is based on 34 common talents (strengths).  For $20 USD this test can tell you what your top five strengths are. These strengths can inform the kind of career you should be in where your strengths are actually allowed to shine. Strengths Finder encourages you to focus most of your time on playing to your strengths in your career and life rather than killing yourself to improve upon weaknesses. One of my top strengths is Restorative  which means I'm exceptionally adept at dealing with problems, good at figuring our what is wrong and resolving it. This is totally true for me, I love complex problem-solving, which is a big part of the reason why I love coaching.
  2. My Next Move O*NET Interests Profilerthis tool helps you identify where your career interests lie across six interest areas. It then shows you career paths that might feed those interests based on your scores.The results section even has the option to search different careers by how much preparation is necessary to get into them and much more. I think if you want to get some big picture clarity on ideal career pathways for you then the O*Net summary report can be a helpful place to start.

  3. VIA Character Strengths Test. This test is available for free, it's easy to take and identifies your core characteristics or best qualities and is based in a lot of rigorous research. Their studies show that  if you’re not using most of your top 5 characteristics at the workplace or if you're at a workplace that is not in alignment with your characteristics/values, you will be highly likely to be unhappy, even miserable so understanding what your core characteristics and values are is very important. This information will allow you to ensure that you emphasize this in your current job, promote these qualities as you interview for new jobs, and ensure that jobs/careers you're exploring share your values and will allow you to use your best qualities. My top 5 are- Appreciation of beauty & excellence, fairness, forgiveness, gratitude, and judgement (weighing all evidence fairly).

So try out one of these assessments and let me know in the comments what it was like for you to see the results. If you're needing more support to help you navigate a career transition, sign up here for a FREE consultation



[Webinar Replay] Check it out if you missed it and share on!

Hey everyone,

I recently wrapped on the Ignite Your Passion: Live Your Calling” webinar. If you couldn’t make it OR want to revisit the material with fresh eyes (and a clean notepad) then make sure to watch the replay asap (it won’t be up for long). Also, feel free to share this email with a friend who you know is suffering at their job currently and could benefit from this content.

The ONLY thing I ask is that you pull out your calendar right now to block off 50 minutes of uninterrupted time. Don’t watch it passively with your Facebook news feed distracting you, but pay close attention, and open yourself to the possibility that you REALLY can make a bold career transition in 2018.

If you’ve watched the webinar, and the retreat was a total “YES” for you, but immediately after that you felt fear and dread, let’s have a complimentary clarity shift coaching call so we can do some one on one coaching and see how I can best support you with this offering or something else.Click the link here: Getting to Negril: A Complimentary Implementation Call with Tajan B. Renderos” sign up for that.

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Hey there,

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The truth is that although you can imagine what it would feel like to have a job like this, you’re not exactly sure what that job specifically is. Also, you’re not exactly sure how to get there. 

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Why traditional career assessments aren't enough and how coaching can help

Hi there,

There is so much confusion out there about what coaching is, what it isn't. In my recent awesome interview with Lou Blaser on the Second Breaks podcast we talk about what coaching is, how it is different from therapy, and how to know when you're ready for coaching. I also talk about why traditional career assessments just aren't enough for you to figure out your calling and why you actually have to get out of your daily grind to get the clarity you need to discover and pursue your calling. For more information and support with making your next bold career move, get registered for my "Ignite Your Passion: Live Your Calling" free webinar... while there's still space.


Here's a breakdown of the topics we discussed on the podcast:


  • What is coaching and how is it different from talk therapy
  • Why and when you might need a coach
  • How to find out if you’re ready for coaching
  • How much time you should invest in a coaching relationship
  • What’s missing from traditional career assessments
  • Tajan’s recommended 3 steps for figuring out your calling
  • Why removing ourselves from the daily grind is an important step in a transformational process
The coach is a catalyst to a process that may happen on its own, but you may spin your wheels in mud for years. You may work with a coach for a few months and take quantum leaps. A coach is the fire under the pot that is speeding up a process that naturally wants to happen anyway. —Tajan Renderos



FREEBIE: The Ultimate Workbook to Reset Your Career, End Job Suffering, and Thrive!: A Workbook for Bold Career Transitions

Hey you,

I'm so excited to share a new awesome FREEBIE with you. if you're feeling stuck in a soul-sucking job and you need to get out, but you're not sure how, then this workbook is going to help you do just that. It's called the "Ultimate Workbook to Reset Your Career, End Job Suffering, and Thrive!" The guide is informed by the latest research in career transitioning and my own experience, and it walks you through 4 crucial steps that will allow you to get clarity on what you want for an ideal job, address fears that hold you back from making a bold career transition, and craft a roadmap to your ideal career while pointing you to the resources that you'll need to get support along the way.

I'm offering the workbook for free for a limited time, so click on the link below to grab the free workbook!


PROFILES of two inspiring career transitions


Hey there!

It can be inspirational just to hear from someone else who has been in your shoes during any major transition. Someone who understands the perfectly logical fears you have, who can truly empathize with where you are, and yet help you summon your own courage to step more fully into who you're becoming.

Today, I'm featuring two daring career transition stories. One of a cop turned mindfulness meditation workshop leader who explains how she dealt with skepticism from others by using her own story, as well as dealing with her own insecurities after transitioning (yes guys your fears with this stuff doesn't magically go away after you transition they tend to morph into new ones). The second is of a woman who became an actress at 45. It's a great reminder of how your childhood passions can provide the gateway to clarity around the direction of your next big career move. Also, her story underscores how the next right action always emerges once you take the first courageous step, and  once people around you see your efforts they always shore up to support you.

If this resonates with you or someone you know who is suffering at their job, I encourage you to share it, or leave a comment, and check out my upcoming retreat in Jamaica at www.liveyourcallingretreat.com. The retreat is designed for people who are drowning in job suffering and are looking for a process and community to help them make a way out.

In the meantime, take good care.


Why you NEED a retreat process to discover and pursue your calling

Today I'm excited to share with you about "Why you need a retreat process to discover and pursue your calling" I offer the top 3 reasons why a transformational retreat is just what you might need to end job suffering and thrive in your professional calling. If this resonates with you or someone you know who is suffering at their job, I encourage you to share this vlog with them and check out my upcoming retreat in Jamaica at www.liveyourcallingretreat.com. The retreat is design for people who are drowning in job suffering and are looking for a way out.


If you haven't subscribed to our mailing list yet, don't miss out on my exclusive content and offers, sign up at tajanrenderos.com :)

In the meantime, take good care


Freedom's ties to job suffering


Freedom for me means the ability to wake up in the morning and freely decide what I'm going to do with my time and who I'm going to be in this world. We spend most of our days at work, and so if I work at a job that I hate, where I'm doing something that I don't want to do and where I can't be my best self, then even though I don't have shackles on my hands and feet how can I say that I'm really free. Many of us experience the progress of being in a job that kind of sucks, really sucks, and then becomes just excruciating to be at...yet we stay and suffer. We choose to suffer. We choose to suffer because we think we're too old to find something better, it's too soon to leave, we need the pay and we can't get that pay anywhere else etc. We make up millions of excuses to justify our choice to suffer.

I believe that our tolerance for suffering in any aspect of our lives in the modern world is way too high

We've bought into the notion that suffering is something we need to grit our teeth and bear. I believe any kind of suffering is an indication that we need to pay attention to our inner landscape and take drastic, consistent action to change our lives so that we can move from a state of suffering to a more beautiful state. Make no mistake job suffering is not without consequence in every aspect of your life. If you want to get support as you take action to end job suffering, sign up for a free coaching strategy session and get started now.




The problem with grinding in your work

We live in a culture that has taught us that if we just run faster, harder, sleep less, and do more that that is how we'll win. We have to hustle, be on your grind they say. This Facebook live video explores why we must critique that notion and decide for ourselves whether healthy striving that is in alignment with our values and goals versus constant doing without alignment actually leads to meaningful productivity. 

If this resonates with you, let me know by leaving a comment, and if you're struggling to know what you even want to be aligned to I invite you to that explore that with me in a one on one complimentary coaching session by reaching out at info@tajanrenderos.com for a free session. In the meantime, take good care.